Introducing SZRI

In May 2007, with the support from the Shenzhen Municipal Government, The Chinese University of Hong Kong established the Shenzhen Research Institute (SZRI). Wholly owned by CUHK, SZRI serves as an extension of the University’s research initiatives in Shenzhen, providing a pivotal base for its staff members to conduct research, development, training, and technology transfer in the Mainland. The infrastructure, a 9-storey building with a gross floor area of 25,000 square meters, was completed in 2011. It is well equipped with lecture theatres, training classrooms, research laboratories, and start-up incubation areas for supporting scientific research, talent cultivation,industry-academic-research collaboration, and technology transfer activities

Academic and Research Advancement

In combination with the plan of national science and technology development and to meet the needs of Shenzhen's science and technology development, SZRI has focused on promoting scientific research and development in the fields of biomedicine, information technology, and sustainable development. At present, SZRI has established four Shenzhen bases of state key laboratories, including the Shenzhen Research Base for State Key Laboratory of Digestive Disease, the Shenzhen Research Base for State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Biotechnology, the Shenzhen Research Base for Regenerative Medicine of Ministry of Education Key Laboratories, as well as four Shenzhen Key Laboratories and Three Shenzhen Engineering Laboratories. After years of consistent development, the research merits of SZRI have been recognized by the state. As the supporting unit of national, provincial and municipal projects, SZRI has undertaken more than 500 research projects at all levels. In addition, SZRI not only actively promotes cooperation among industry, academia and research but also attaches great importance to the cooperation and development of projects. Meanwhile, SZRI leverages excellent research platforms and resources to foster the commercialization of scientific research projects and further enhance scientific research through cooperation with external institutions.

Talent Cultivation

SZRI strives to meet the tremendous demands on high-quality, professional and international talents in Shenzhen and the Mainland through leveraging on the vast teaching resources and solid research foundation of CUHK. Inheriting CUHK’s tradition of multicultural education, SZRI offers numbers of training programmes on socio-economic development to cultivate outstanding talents for the development of the Greater Bay Area, and even the entire country. On the other hand, SZRI also provides solid technical and theoretical support to help with the technological development of industries. 

To align with the policies of the Shenzhen Municipal Government on talent development and recognition, SZRI promotes post-doctoral admission and identification of high-level talents in Shenzhen. 

Furthermore, SZRI holds international symposiums and lectures frequently for the sake of promoting effective communication and exchange among professionals from various industries whilst helping to enhance the professional skills of the talents. Consequently, a high-standard learning and research platform for nurturing well-rounded talents is set ready for use.

Global Super-connector 

Shenzhen is one of the most innovative and dynamic cities in the Great Bay Area (GBA). By means of holding international symposiums, seminars, and workshops, SZRI has attracted talents from different fields all over the world gathered in Shenzhen, which would facilitate in providing a global vision and platform for academic seminars under preparation and promote the landing of international high-end technological achievements and projects. By the end of December 2023, SZRI has successfully held the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA) Forum, the first Great Bay Chinese Forum, the China-Israel Cooperative Innovation Forum, the International Symposium and Workshop of 3D Printing and Regenerative Medicine, and other international academic events. It has attracted active responses and participation from scholars from different countries or regions, such as mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Germany, Israel, Britain, and the United States.

Innovation development

Based on the technological advantages of local industrial development, SZRI continuously stimulates the vitality of science and technology, along with promoting the efficient transformation of technological achievements. Held firm to the conviction of "accelerating technology innovation, always be open and ready to share", at the same time, SZRI continuously strengthens cooperation and innovation with all walks of life. In addition, through the introduction of a systemic, well-rounded intellectual property and technology transfer management system from CUHK, SZRI has actively explored new management models of scientific research institutions, scientific research projects, and technology transfer while providing exhaustive service and guidelines for horizontal and vertical development as well as scientific research team management. SZRI set up the Innovation Hub (Innohub) in 2018, which is based in Shenzhen to carry out the work of cultivation and incubation for start-ups, with the aim of creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting the in-depth cooperation among production, teaching, and research between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Accordingly, the innovation and development of a new generation of strategic industries such as information technology, biological science, and intelligent manufacturing could be efficiently facilitated.